History of Cast In Ink™

Cast In Ink™ was founded in November of 2006 by owner and creative director, Mike Casten. Although he had already been doing freelance graphic design work for several years, Cast In Ink™ was formed while Mike was attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Online Division. Prior to the pursuit for his Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, Mike had previously studied Psychology for two years, Business Management for one year, and Marketing for two years, all at the college level.

Due to Mike's creative nature and keen business sense, Cast In Ink™ had a phenomenal first year, exceeding the expectations of several clients and developing lasting business relationships with them. During that first year of business, Cast In Ink™ produced logos for more than a dozen different companies, helping each of them to grow their business. Other first year accomplishments include the completion of multiple designs for business cards, fliers, brochures, direct mailers, and two magazine ads which were published in large circulation magazines.

Since then, Cast In Ink™ has continued to grow and evolve as a company, taking on new and more exciting projects. In 2009, we announced our expansion into marketing, advertising, and promotions. With that move came the introduction of The Cast In Ink Girls™, our modeling and promotions team. "The Girls" were an instant success and have become an integral part of the Cast In Ink™ family.

Along with this achievement, Cast In Ink™ also received its first major recognition as a design firm, being nominated as a finalist for "Best Graphic Design Firm" by the Arizona Nightlife Industry Assocication (AZNIA). Although we didn't take home the trophy, it was an honor to have been nominated in our first year of servicing the nightlife industry in Arizona.

With each and every new project comes a new challenge and a new chance for Cast In Ink™ to shine. Now known on a national level, Cast In Ink™ is quickly becoming a household name in regards to graphic design, marketing, and advertising. This wouldn't have been possible without the support, love, and referalls from all of our clients, friends, and associates.

Thank you all very much for all of your support!

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